10yrThe boiler that generates electricity as it heats your home.Flow heats your home efficiently and reliably – and generates electricity for your home at the same time. It reduces your bills and your carbon emissions and even comes in a package where you effectively only pay for installation.

Now that is clever.
Flow provides much more than any other boiler. Any boiler can heat your home and water. But only one generates electricity, slashes your energy bills and is so clever it pays for itself.

Experts predict that boilers that generate electricity will become the dominant domestic heating technology.  Why?  It’s pretty simple – if you’re choosing between a boiler that generates electricity, slashing your home energy bills and carbon emissions, and one that doesn’t, the choice is fairly easy.

Why chose Ideal?

• Get a boiler that pays for itself.

• Reduce your electricity bills long term.

• 94% efficient so save money on gas.

• Install a reliable, British-made product.

inside flow

What type of boiler do you need for your home?

Combi Boiler – An all in one boiler which supplies heating and hot water to your home. Instant heat and hot water without relying on.

Regular and System Boiler – If you have a high demand for hot water then you may require either a System or Regular boiler. The boiler provides the heat for your central heating system, but relies on working.

If you’re unsure to what type of boiler you need for your home? We’d love to help you chose the right one for you.

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