Intergas has been at the forefront of domestic boiler manufacture in the Netherlands for over 50 years. In 1989 Intergas launched its first condensing boiler in the Netherlands. This was the first country to take the energy efficiency credentials of boilers seriously and this propelled Intergas into pole position, becoming the leading brand in condensing boiler technology.

Unique 2in1 Heat Exchanger No Mechanical Failures

• Unique patented 2 in 1 heat exchanger.

• Fully copper lined preventing internal corrosion.

• Quality of materials and precision engineering.

• Boiler life expectancy of 18 – 20 years!

• No recorded mechanical heat exchanger failures anywhere in the world with over 2 million boilers installed in over 20 countries.

• Heat exchanger boasts engine block technology built in same factory as BMW

Less Parts More Reliability

• Only 12 Components and 4 moving parts which is up to 50% less moving parts than other leading boiler manufacturer. Meaning less things to go wrong!

No Diverter Valve (50% of all breakdowns) – Cost to replace on other boiler up to £250.

No Diverter Valve Motor – Cost to replace on other boiler up to £130.

No Auto Air Vent  – Cost to replace on other boiler up to £100.

No Air Pressure Switch – Cost to replace on other boiler up to £250.

• Consumentenbond (Dutch equivalent of Which?) Product of the year for consecutive years.

Learning Mode – The boiler teaches itself when to pre-heat your water based on behaviour patterns resulting in quicker hot water direct form your boiler. If you go on holiday and hot water isn’t produced in 24 hours the boiler switches the learning mode feature off.

• The Only Boiler to condense 100% of the time in heating & hot water mode which equate to  95.8% efficient in hot water.

• A unique feature of the boiler is that the hot water is heated independently so if the pump was ever to fail the boiler would still produce hot water at all times.

• With its Unique Step Mode Power Supply there are virtually no standby losses unlike most other boilers.

Quietness Whisper Performance Vacuum insulation reduces heat and energy losses to an absolute minimum and ensures whisper-quiet operation year in year out.


What type of boiler do you need for your home?

Combi Boiler – An all in one boiler which supplies heating and hot water to your home. Instant heat and hot water.

Regular and System Boiler – If you have a high demand for hot water then you may require either a System or Regular boiler. A regular boiler provides hot water when the programmer tells it to and then stores it in a hot water cylinder until it is needed.

If you’re unsure to what type of boiler you need for your home? We’d love to help you chose the right one for you.

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