We promise to pay you £100 every time you refer us to your friends or family.

Refer A Friend

We promise to pay you £100 for every installation when you refer us to your friends and family. To refer a friend please follow these simple steps. (You can complete this form as many times as you wish)
1. Complete the form on this page and remember to include all details required (including yours – so we know who to pay)
2. We will then contact your friend and provide them with a great quote with an additional £100 referral discount thanks to you.
3. After your friend has completed full payment for the work, we’ll send you a form to complete.
4. Sit back and think about how you are going to spend your £100.

Referral Terms

Referral Form

Please complete all sections of the form to ensure you qualify for the referral scheme.

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Referral Email (required)

We need your friends/family email and number so we can contact them and provide a valid quote. We also need your name, number and email so we can cross reference you in our system so we know who to allocate the referral and more importantly how to contact you when we send you your £100 referral.